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Stamford personal injury attorney folding handsWhen you contact your Stamford personal injury attorney about your case, he or she will be able to provide detailed insights about how an adjuster will evaluate your case. The following is an overview of how an adjuster is likely to view your case.

Tips about Medical Bills from Your Stamford Personal Injury Attorney
It seems an obvious conclusion that the value of your case will correspond with the total cost of your medical bills. But the higher your bills, the more likely it is that adjusters will balk at paying them. They may believe that your bills are inflated beyond reason, or that you were directed to a treatment center known for padding costs.

You can help to allay that suspicion by selecting your doctor yourself rather than relying upon a referral by your Stamford personal injury attorney. And once your treatment has begun, ask for referrals from your medical provider for recommended specialists. Ask the specialists to confirm your present treatment, and ask that they provide recommendations for any future care that may be needed.

Be sure to get a doctor’s opinion for medical bills that haven’t yet occurred, but seem likely due to future treatments that will be needed. Your Stamford personal injury lawyer will secure documentation about the treatment that will be needed, along with an estimate of the cost. These items will be included in the information sent to the company by your Stamford personal injury attorney.

Lost Wages
You must be able to document the amount of time you’ve lost from work due to your injury. Your Stamford personal injury lawyer must obtain the following:

· A report from your doctor. This report must confirm that you were disabled for the specified time period.
· An employer-provided statement. This statement must confirm your hourly wage or salary. It should also verify the time you’ve missed from work – and of course, that time period must agree with the doctor’s report.

If your Stamford personal injury attorney is unable to supply the above, the adjustor is unlikely to approve the inclusion of lost wages into your damages. The adjuster will be particularly reluctant to approve recovery of lost wages if they represent a disproportionate percentage of your total claimed losses. Claimed disability periods that are much longer than normal recovery periods for similar injuries will also raise a red flag to an adjuster.

Your Stamford personal injury lawyer may also be able to help you recover anticipated lost future earnings. Valid claims for future wage loss could include:

· Reduced earnings resulting from a permanent disability
· Hospitalizations that may be required for future surgeries
· Time that will be missed from work for ongoing physical therapy and medical treatment

A simple letter asserting the likelihood of future loss of earnings will be unlikely to sway an adjuster. Your Stamford personal injury attorney should obtain written documentation from medical professionals documenting the need for any or all of the above.

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