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Testifying in Your Personal Injury Trial

Testifying in court before a jury can be a nerve wrecking experience. You are in the spot light and your testimony can have a major impact on the jury’s decision. There are many important factors to consider when testifying in court. It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney before your testimony to make sure it is as effective as possible in conveying your message.

Don’t Let Documents Distract You

One of the most important tips for testifying is to avoid becoming distracted by papers that may be put down in front of you during your testimony. Do not give up your eye contact with the jury in order to view these documents. Without proper eye contact, it will be hard for the jury to be attentive to your testimony.

Moreover, you need to clearly listen to the question before you look at your documents. This shows that one, you understood the question; and two, you do not need the papers to answer the question, but only to refresh your memory. However, you can look at pictures or other such necessary documents to make sure of what you are saying. But refrain from simply reading from them.

It is not uncommon for some attorneys to put papers in front of witnesses during cross-examination to trick them into not listening fully to the question. They will attempt to entice the answer they want from you, rather than your actual testimony.

Talk With Confidence

In order for the jury and the judge to believe your testimony, you need to talk with confidence and energy. Do not talk in a low voice or mumble, as this will only make the jury doubt that you are telling the truth. Use a loud and clear voice that is full of energy and certainty.

Being a witness is not an easy task. You should consult with your Connecticut personal injury attorney before testifying. Since testifying as a witness puts your reputation on the line, it is best to be as prepared as possible.

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