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If you or someone you love have been the victim of medical malpractice by a hospital, schedule a consultation with your Connecticut medical malpractice attorney to discuss your options. When seeking treatment at a hospital, the last thing you expect is to be injured while you are under the care of medical professionals.

Unfortunately it is possible for the hospital staff to be negligent in their care and doctors to be responsible for malpractice. If you have questions about your negligent care of a hospital, contact your Connecticut medical malpractice attorney.

Hospital Liabilities

A hospital is responsible and liable for what their staff members do while on the clock. That means that if a hospital employee hurts a patient through malicious intent, malpractice, or negligence, then the hospital is responsible for those actions. Individuals such as nurses, paramedics, and medical technicians are considered to be employees of the hospital. If any of these staff members cause harm to a patient while under the care of the hospital, then the hospital is liable for those injuries. If a doctor makes a mistake, the hospital is not liable for their actions. If a staff member, under the direction of a doctor, administers improper treatment then the doctor is liable for those actions. A staff member is considered to be under the direction of a doctor when:

  • the doctor is present during the procedure
  • the doctor is able to prevent or control the staff member administering improper care

An example of a staff mistake under the doctor’s care may be if a surgical assistant miscounts medical supplies during surgery which leads to that object being left inside of a patient, then the doctor is responsible for that staff member’s mistake. If you have questions about what party is responsible for your improper care, consult your Connecticut medical malpractice attorney for help.

Are Doctors Employees of the Hospital?

Most doctors are not employees of the hospital. Those doctors who are considered to be independent contractors do their work out of the hospital. Doctors who are considered to be independent contractors are responsible for their own malpractice, even if it occurs on the hospital’s property. That is not the case for all doctors, however. The relationship between the doctor and the hospital is what determines if the doctor is an employee or independent contractor. The doctor is considered to be an employee of the hospital if:

  • the hospital controls the fees that the doctor can charge for care.
  • the hospital controls the doctor’s working hours, vacation time, or days off.

Can Hospitals be Responsible for the Actions of Non-Employee Doctors?

In most cases a hospital is not responsible for the actions of a doctor who is considered to be an independent contractor, however there are situations where the hospital could be held liable. If the doctor is considered to be dangerous or incompetent, then the hospital could be liable for their actions even if they are an independent contractor. The hospital should know if a doctor that they have given staff privileges to has become dangerous to treat patients.An example is if a doctor has become addicted to drugs and the hospital staff was aware of the addiction. If the doctor makes a mistake while treating a patient, the hospital can be liable for it.

Another situation is if a patient was improperly treated by an emergency room doctor. Due to the hectic nature of an emergency room, patients are not made aware that doctors are not a part of the hospital staff. Patients who are mistreated by emergency room doctors are able to sue the hospital for their malpractice. Medical malpractice law can be dense and complicated. Before making the first step to file a lawsuit, you should consult with your Connecticut medical malpractice attorney.

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