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If the Victim of a Car Accident Has Medical Bills That Exceed the At-fault Driver’s Auto Policy Limits, What Else Can They Do?

According to the Connecticut Crash Facts Book, the state’s greatest concentration of crashes is in its most densely populated areas—Greenwich,…

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Did Your Doctor Commit Malpractice?

You rely on medical professionals to help take care of you when you’re ill, and that’s usually exactly what occurs.…

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Do Older Truck Drivers Pose a Greater Risk?

Trucks are the largest and most dangerous vehicles on our roadways, and truck accidents are among the most deadly. As…

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Can I Sue a Doctor Who Caused Permanent Damage Due to a Misdiagnosis?

Being ill is stressful, and when we’re sick, we trust medical professionals to attend to our needs with professionalism and…

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Three Things to Know About Car Accident Settlement Agreements

If you or someone you care about suffered serious injuries in a car accident, you understand how emotionally traumatizing the…

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Bus Accident FAQ

Traffic accidents can always be dangerous. When you’re riding on a bus, however, you probably don’t give a lot of…

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Stamford Personal Injury Attorney
Sep 25, 2018 | Anthony Piazza

Poorly Designed or Manufactured Furniture Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Every day of our lives, we use and interact with furniture without giving it a second thought. From sleeping in…

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Stamford Personal Injury Attorney
Sep 17, 2018 | Anthony Piazza

Did Your Child Suffer Injuries from Heat Exhaustion?

With the end of summer around the corner, many school-age children are gearing up for another school year—and another season…

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Stamford Personal Injury Lawyer
Sep 11, 2018 | Anthony Piazza

Smartwatches Can Be Just as Distracting as Smartphones

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, and smartwatches that pair with our smartphones have become relatively commonplace. These…

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Stamford Medical Malpractice Attorney
Sep 04, 2018 | Anthony Piazza

Can You Sue if Your Surgeon Made a Mistake?

When you go into surgery, you are quite literally putting your life in someone else’s hands. Fortunately, the vast majority…

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