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Common Personal Injury Defense Arguments

The defendant in your personal injury accident case is likely running scared. He or she may say anything to avoid taking responsibility for your injuries. Connecticut personal injury attorneys Piazza, Simmons and Grant know that the defendant will probably resort to one of three common arguments.

As you sit at home convalescing and sweating through intense pain, it may annoy you to learn that the defendant boldly claims you weren’t injured at all. An offshoot of this common argument is that your injuries were from an incident prior to the accident. Your Connecticut personal injury attorney will use records of your medical treatment to counter this argument.

The defendant may also try pointing the finger of blame at someone else. If, for example, your injuries resulted from a car accident, the defendant may claim that another, unidentified driver swerved into his lane, forcing his car over into yours. This phantom driver, of course, probably doesn’t exist. It will be difficult for the defendant to support this claim without evidence or witness testimony.

The most common argument defendants make in a Connecticut personal injury case is that the accident was the fault of the plaintiff. A variation of this argument is that of comparative or contributory negligence, which says that you bear at least partial responsibility for the accident. If, for example, you were driving straight and the defendant made a left turn directly in front of you, he may claim you were driving at an excessive speed.Regardless of the argument a defendant may make to avoid responsibility, if you were injured in an accident due to his negligence or fault, you deserve proper compensation. For a free initial consultation, do not hesitate to call the dedicated Connecticut personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Piazza, Simmons and Grant.

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