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If you or someone you care about has experienced a brain injury, it is critical that you seek the experienced legal counsel necessary to hold negligent actors accountable. At the Law Offices of Piazza, Simmons & Grant, L.L.C., we can help.

The Stamford Brain Injury Lawyers at our Stamford, Connecticut, law firm have significant experience in handling a wide range of head injury cases, from minor to serious head injuries caused by trauma. These injuries occur in many different situations, and each is unique. Our work in brain injury cases has led us to handle cases involving falls, car accidents and semi-truck accidents, among others.

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

People who have experienced a brain injury may display several common symptoms:

  • Problems organizing and focusing
  • Difficulty in remembering
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Depression

Many do not realize that a change in behavior and emotion may actually be caused by an injury sustained during an accident. For this reason, it is critical that they seek medical attention from a knowledgeable professional.

Our lawyers frequently involve well-recognized experts in the cases we except. These include neurologists, neurosurgeons and specialists who can testify as to the extent of the injury. We may also ask you to visit a neuropsychologist who administers test to measure cognitive impairment after the brain injury.

Work With Stamford Brain Injury Lawyers to Protect Your Interests

Despite significant advances in modern medicine, the brain is an area of medicine in which not much is known. Some brain injuries do not show up on an MRI. These are often called mild traumatic brain injury cases, even though they can permanently change the lives of their victims.

Further, specialists may not be able to predict the exact degree of impairment after a brain injury, and they may not have the tools to assist you or your loved one in a complete recovery. For this reason, it is critical to work with an attorney who can protect your interests through legal action.

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