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Being involved in a car accident is one of the most dangerous scenarios you can find yourself in, but it is also relatively common. With an increased number of inexperienced drivers on the roads in the summer months, the chance of a car accident in the months of July and August greatly increases. Add this on to the growing number of distracted drivers throughout the country, and the frequently impatient drivers who commute to and from work every day, and you can see why the possibility of a car accident is a real danger to everyone on the roads in Connecticut.

Why Visiting a Doctor after a Car Accident is Important

If you’ve been hurt in such an accident, but don’t think that your injuries are that serious, you might be tempted to walk away and attempt to deal with your injuries on your own. There are several reasons that it is important to seek medical attention right away, regardless of your symptoms:

  • Some injuries won’t present symptoms for hours, days, or even weeks after the impact of the accident.
  • If you have a TBI, even a minor concussion, you might be confused about the extent of your injuries, or unaware that you’ve suffered any injuries at all.
  • A medical professional will do a thorough examination and might be able to indicate certain injuries that you did not notice initially.
  • Detailed medical records will be required to support your accident claim.

It is also important to follow the treatment plan that your doctor orders. If you do not feel comfortable with their suggestions or don’t see improvement, it is reasonable to seek out a second opinion.

Protecting your Claim

Another reason that it is essential to seek medical attention after an accident is because your insurance company will look closely at your medical records when assessing the value of your claim. If they see that you failed to see a doctor, there is a good chance that they will question the severity of your injuries or maybe whether you suffered injuries at all. Even delaying treatment by a few days can seriously impact your claim. The insurance adjusters will look for any opportunity to deny your claim, and you don’t want to give them this easy out.

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