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With spring comes spring break for students of all ages in Connecticut. Many parents take this opportunity to plan family vacations to the beach, New York City, theme parks, and other fun family attractions. High school seniors and college students often embark on vacations with their friends during their week or two away from school. Many people choose to travel by car and the good, old-fashioned road trip makes up 79 percent of family-planned travel each year. This means that spring break can bring an increase in traffic on the roads as well as the increased risk of traffic accidents.

If you are planning to take a road trip – this spring or anytime – you should always be aware of the safety risks and plan ahead to keep yourself and your family safe.

Check Out Your Vehicle

All vehicles require regular maintenance, especially when they will be subjected to more wear and tear than usual. The last thing you want is to be hundreds of miles away and have your brakes fail or your car overheat. Many malfunctions can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, such as a tire blowout at highway speeds. It is always wise to have a tune-up and inspection before a major road trip.

Plan Your Route

When people are unsure of where they are going, they can make mistakes on the road they would not usually make. This can include dangerous maneuvering to make an exit, slamming on their brakes due to a missed turn, turning the wrong way down one-way roads, and more. It is always safer to know where you are going ahead of time.

In addition, too many people try to program a GPS or look up directions while they are driving. This can be extremely distracting and anytime you take your eyes off the wheel – even for a moment – you run the risk of crashing. Protect yourself and others by pulling over if you must use a mobile device or have someone else in the car be in charge of directions and navigation.

Stay Organized in the Car

A big part of any road trip is keeping passengers happy and entertained in the car – especially if there are children involved. The more organized you are with snacks, movies, iPads, and other common road trip favorites, the fewer distractions that may occur during your trip. If you are the only adult in the car, try not to tend to children in the back seat while you are driving and instead, pull over if your child needs something.

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