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This winter, the East Coast was devastated by an intense storm aptly named the “Bomb Cyclone.” The name would be almost comical if it hadn’t caused so much critical damage. This event described a weekend of intense weather that included strong winds, temperatures that dropped into the single digits, and a half foot of snow accumulating in some areas. JFK nearly shut down, major roads were too treacherous to drive on, and schools closed for multiple days in a row. Several news sources were reporting that the aftermath of the storm might actually be worse than the storm itself. The impact of this natural disaster was felt by citizens along the East Coast and in some cases, resulted in serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries were a result of exposure to freezing temperatures, icy sidewalks, and dangerous road conditions.

Cold Temperatures

When the temperature drops to single digits or colder, systems begin to fail. The elderly and young people are most vulnerable to the cold. Life-threatening conditions such as phenomena and frostbite are common once temperatures plummet. In some older buildings, the furnaces will fail in especially cold weather and this can present an incredibly dangerous situation.

Slip and Falls

One of the most perilous dangers during a snow and ice storm is the increased likelihood of a slip and fall accident. Even when the sidewalks have been cleared, there is often a layer of slick ice remaining. It’s easy to forget that the walkways are slippery when it looked as if the snow has been shoveled away. Businesses may also fail to adequately clear their parking lots and walkways. Although people oftentimes overlook such accidents as a silly inconvenience, slip and falls are one of the most dangerous types of accidents. They can result in broken bones, a concussion, or bruised spine.

Car Accidents

With more than a foot of snow on the ground and a layer of ice underneath that, to say the roads in the New York City and Connecticut were in poor condition is a drastic understatement. Even when transportation departments put salt down on the roads to mitigate the snow and ice, the freezing temperatures keep it from melting. Driving in adverse conditions means a higher probability of sliding off the road or colliding with another vehicle. It’s important to take extra care in this weather; drive at a slower speed and give the car in front of you plenty of room to stop. However, other drivers may not be so careful and may cause serious accidents and injuries due to negligent driving in bad winter weather.

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