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It’s one of the most exciting days in a teenager’s life. They’ve practiced for months, taken the test, and now it’s official – they have a driver’s license and are legally allowed to drive wherever and whenever they like. If this thought terrifies you, it’s not without merit. Teenage drivers are the age group that causes the most motor vehicle accidents. While any driver has the potential to make poor decisions on the road, teenagers and new drivers are especially prone to dangerous driving for one simple reason – they don’t have the experience to help guide them to make safe decisions.

New Driver Car Accidents can Cause Serious Injuries

No two drivers are alike but one thing that all new drivers have in common is that they have had less practice navigating various situations than more seasoned drivers have. In some ways, driving a car is like riding a bike – it takes awhile to grasp the concept of speed and understand how much time is required to a stop a car when the vehicle in front of you makes a sudden move. Driving is a complex action and requires multiple tasks such as remembering to use a turn signal, activate your headlights at night, and give the other car in front of you enough room for you to stop. These actions all take practice to perfect.

Additionally, new drivers are often prone to speeding and sometimes enjoy testing the limits of their new freedom. Speeding and reckless driving is a major cause of car accident injuries and fatalities. Although a new driver might think that they have every situation under control, the truth is that overconfidence can lead to taking risks. When you couple this inexperience with the ability to drive at high speeds for long distances on the freeway, the results can be disastrous.

Protect Yourself around New Drivers

Understanding the consequences of dangerous driving might not register with this group of drivers until they have witnessed the aftermath of an accident or had a close encounter. For this reason, it’s always best to practice defensive driving when you suspect you are near a new driver. Make sure that you give the driver plenty of space and use caution when changing lanes in front of them. If you believe that a driver is acting dangerously, speeding, or driving while distracted, pull over in a safe place and call the highway authorities to report them.

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