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Most employers do not like to pay workers’ compensation premiums but they understand that they are required to have protection and insurance for their workers injured on the job. However, employers generally are fearful of workers who have been injured in workplace accidents because they feel their insurance premiums will increase or that the employee will take advantage of the available benefits. Every employee should know their rights after a workplace injury.

Many employers are concerned for workers who are injured on the job and want to ensure that the injured worker receives care. Unfortunately, there are some employers who are not concerned with these things and this may present problems for the injured worker. An employer can either help or hinder an employee’s case and this is especially true at the very beginning. The more aware you make your employer of your injury and the facts surrounding the accident or injury, the more inclined the employer may be to help the injured worker with the case.

Dealing with Hostile Employers

On the other hand, if the employer is not concerned about reporting the accident or ensuring benefits are paid or is suspect of the injury, the employer may not give valuable information to the insurance company or may slant the information. This can result in a workers’ compensation insurance company challenging a claim and delaying payment of benefits while they investigate the claim thoroughly.

Some employers are downright hostile to workers claiming injuries and may attempt to intimidate or coerce the injured worker. An employer may even offer cash payments to deter a worker from filing a rightful claim and may retaliate against someone who files a claim anyway. This can result in all types of problems for the injured worker and the injured worker including loss of deserved benefits and perhaps even wrongful termination from their job.

Your Rights

Generally speaking, an employer has a duty to post notices of your legal rights under the workers’ compensation law and advise with this posting that injured workers are entitled to receive medical benefits and other indemnity benefits if they are injured on the job. They are also required to provide the name of the insurance company and provide medical care when notified of an injury on the job.

It is always best to attempt communication with your employer regarding the specific facts of the accident, the medical scenario, and the problems that you are encountering as a result of any injury or disability.

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