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Most of us have tripped and fallen at some point in our lives. In most cases, these kinds of incidents result in little more than minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, or bruises, and certainly do not require a trip to the emergency room. This is not to say, however, that trips and falls are never a serious matter. Sometimes, they are capable of causing extremely serious injuries that require medical treatment and which could even result in long-term medical problems.

When these kinds of incidents are the result of a hazardous condition caused by a property owner or leaseholder, victims are generally entitled to compensation under Connecticut law. For this reason, anyone injured in a trip and fall accident that occurred in a store, outside, at school, at work, or on any other property for which another person is responsible should speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Common Trip and Fall Hazards

In order for victims to be entitled to recover, the hazard that caused their fall must have been caused by the negligence of the person or business responsible for the condition of the property. This may be the property owner or a party that is leasing the property from the owner. In some cases, a third party such as a maintenance company may also be held liable. This last scenario is common in places like shopping malls in which there are common areas that are accessible to the public but not maintained by the individual entities that rent our specific lots or units. Some examples of slip and fall hazards that are commonly attributable to negligence include the following:

  • Exposed cables or electrical wiring
  • Slippery floors
  • Accumulations of snow or ice
  • Stairwells without handrails
  • Torn carpet
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Debris in walkways
  • Cracked pavement
  • Holes in the floor
  • Uneven floors

Whether a particular hazard was the result of negligence is often a complicated question that required inquiry into all of the facts surrounding an accident. For example, if an accident was caused by the presence of liquid on the floor, whether the hazard was the result of negligence will likely depend on the length of time the dangerous condition existed. Similarly, if a trip occurred on an icy sidewalk, the issue of whether there was an active storm happening at the time would likely be relevant to the determination of liability. Because of these complicated legal issues, it is important for anyone hurt in a trip and fall accident to have their case reviewed by an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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