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Automobile accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, resulting in 38 percent of all spinal cord injuries since 2010. The lifetime costs of such injuries run into the tens of thousands of dollars per year, and more than 17,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries on an annual basis. Health care and litigation costs run more than $29 billion every year.

Three types of spinal injuries are defined by the location on the spine of the injury:

  • Cervical. The cervical portion of your spine involves the first seven vertebrae at the top of your spine near and including your neck.
  • Thoracic. Below the cervical spine is the thoracic spine, which includes the next 12 vertebrae.
  • Lumbar. At the bottom of your back is the lumbar spine, consisting of the final five vertebrae.

Upper spine or neck injuries are a frequent result of automobile accidents, especially rear-end collisions. Because the central and lower spine are protected by the seats and seatbelts, the upper spine is more vulnerable. Symptoms in the upper part of the body, such as your shoulders, arms, and hands, are a sign of a cervical injury, potentially including a disc herniation. Herniated discs also commonly occur in the lumbar spine, or lower back. A herniated disc in the lumbar spine generally affects your lower extremities, including your legs.

Herniated discs generally result from gradual deterioration due to repetitive spine stress. While automobile accidents are a less common cause of herniated discs, an already degenerating disc can become herniated as a result of a traffic accident.

Federal studies show that, while spinal injuries constitute a small fraction of automobile accident injuries, spinal cord injuries are in general more severe and have the potential to be permanently disabling, with accompanying negative impacts on the patient’s financial situation and quality of life. Patients, therefore, should seek assistance to ensure they do not bear the potential costs alone.

Other Neck and Back Injuries

Aside from injuries directly affecting the spine, car accident victims can suffer many other painful and often debilitating neck and back injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprains, strains, and soft tissue tears
  • Dislocated joints
  • Fractured bones

Many neck and back injuries can require a significant amount of physical therapy, doctor visits, or even surgeries. These injuries can also keep accident victims from working for a period of time.

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