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No one wants an aging loved one to suffer unnecessarily, yet this is the case for hundreds of thousands of elderly patients in nursing homes across the country. In Connecticut alone more than 30,000 of our elderly live in these facilities, and many of them live suffer abuse in the form of negligence. The Stamford nursing home injury attorneys at Piazza, Simmons & Grant, LLC are dedicated to helping these senior citizens and their families to recover damages should they become victims of abuse.

Nursing Home Negligence Is a Growing Problem
It is estimated that the population of Americans age 65 and older in 2030 will be more than double that at the turn of the century. The results are already apparent: nursing homes across the country are burgeoning with residents as baby boomers age. The American Association of Justice estimates that approximately 90% of these facilities lack the staffing to provide adequate care.

Your Stamford nursing home injury lawyers can attest to the fact that negligence in these facilities has become such a problem as to be nearly epidemic. The problem seems to stem from an increased focus on the bottom line—the dollar—at the expense of the welfare of patients. Many nursing facilities are understaffed, and a large number of nursing assistants and other support staff lack adequate training. The results are often disturbing, and even tragic.

Examples of Negligence
Negligence is defined in the law as a failure to exercise care. Such failure is divided into several categories according to its seriousness:

• Ordinary negligence: A failure to exercise the same degree of care that most people would provide under the same conditions.
• Gross negligence: An elevated degree of inattention.
• Willful and wanton negligence: A failure of care so egregious that the staff member must have been aware of it, and that there is a strong likelihood of danger to the patient.

Neglect of a nursing home patient is considered abuse. When such abuse causes physical injury to a person age 60 or older, by Connecticut law it is a crime punishable by fines, nearly and even prison.

You may also be able to sue in civil court for personal injury damages. Stamford nursing home injury attorneys can help you if your loved one has become injured as a result of negligence. Some examples of such negligence are:

• Significant change in emotional demeanor, such as crying, withdrawal, or fear
• Bone fractures
• A slip and fall accident
• Bedsores
• Error in medication
• Appearance of malnutrition/dehydration
• Sepsis
• Wandering
• Refusal to accept visitors
• Unexplained bruises
• Significant loss in weight

Nursing Home Patients’ Bill of Rights
The laws of both Connecticut and the federal government provide for specific rights of nursing home patients. These include:

• The right to be treated with dignity and respect. This includes an appropriate degree of privacy of care and treatment.
• The right to receive reasonable accommodation of the patient’s needs and preferences.
• The right to freedom from physical or mental abuse.
• The right to complain about abuse or neglect to proper authorities, including the Department of Social Services and Department of Public Health, whichever is applicable.

Finding a Good Nursing Home
Anyone who is considering a nursing home for a loved one should be very concerned about finding a facility that will provide a good quality of care. Families generally feel a great deal of trepidation simply about the notion of moving an elderly loved one into a strange environment. You owe it to yourself to make sure that the nursing home you use will treat your loved one with the care he or she deserves. Your attorney may be able to help you locate a good facility.

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