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If you have suffered injuries that were caused by chemical burns, contact one of our specialized Connecticut chemical burn lawyers today.

Chemical burns can occur by:

  • absorption through the skin;
  • inhalation in the lungs; and
  • ingestion through breathing or drinking.

These burns can occur at home, work or even in school.

Chemical Burns at Home

Although technological advances have made cleaning and home care more efficient, it has also created more risks. The chemicals we keep in our home and use regularly can also present risks to you and your loved ones. Harmful chemicals in household products include:

  • sulphuric acids (drain and toilet cleaners, car batteries, and fertilizer);
  • hydrofluoric acids (tile and rust cleaner, and refrigerant);
  • hydrochloric acids (swimming pool cleaners); and
  • sodium and potassium hydroxide (drain, oven and denture cleaner).

Even if you use a product containing chemicals correctly, it is possible that you may be burned and therefore, entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Furthermore, if you were burned by someone else’s intentional or reckless use of chemicals, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation.

Chemical Burns at Work

Work related chemical burns can occur in any workplace with harmful chemicals, and often occur in work environments such as:

  • laboratories;
  • manufacturing;
  • processing plants; and
  • cleanup and maintenance crews.

Employees who work with harmful chemicals should try to avoid burns by following your employer’s safety protocols such as wearing protective gear, and utilizing any other protective practices such as showers and eye wash. Often work-related chemical burns are covered by worker’s compensation, but if your burn was caused by your employer’s intentional or egregious conduct you can recover in a personal injury lawsuit. You should not assume your employer will give you what you are entitled to. To protect your rights, if you have a burn, you should speak with a Connecticut chemical burn injury attorney.

Get Help from a Chemical Burn Lawyer Connecticut

Regardless of whether you were burned at work, home, or some place else, our lawyers can talk to you to see how we can help. If your burns were caused by another’s intentional or reckless conduct, or even their negligence, a personal injury claim could help you receive compensation to cover damages you have suffered as a result of your burns. This compensation could help you recoup your losses from your burn, potentially compensating you for damages such as medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Piazza, Simmons and Grant LLC can work to settle or take your case to trial to get you compensation. Call us at (203) 348-2465 for help today.

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