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During a civil lawsuit, our Connecticut personal injury attorney will make recommendations about what to do in order to strengthen your case. On the other hand, certain actions can seriously jeopardize your case.

Considerations in a Civil Lawsuit

Any of the following could make you appear less credible in court and potentially threaten the outcome of a settlement or award:

  • A prior criminal conviction that affects your credibility
  • Attempts to speak with or contact witnesses in the case that make it seem as if you were trying to influence their testimony
  • Failure to follow the doctor’s orders as directed or any missed medical appointments
  • Poor conduct at work that speaks negatively to your character
  • Failing to keep medical paperwork organized
  • Marital struggles
  • Failing to cooperate with our Connecticut injury lawyer and keep him or her apprised of your contact information
  • Discussing the case in public when a possible witness could overhear you
  • Failing to do your best to minimize damages

Example of Derailing a Case

One well-known personal injury lawyer shared an example of what can happen when a client talks about the case in public. Only hours before the case was scheduled for trial, a woman who was not directly involved in the case called him after she heard his client talking with a friend at a restaurant. The plaintiff initially claimed she was not drinking prior to the incident, but in the conversation at the restaurant, she admitted alcohol consumption to her friend. The woman who overheard this disclosure had government and political connections and was obligated to report what she had heard. As such, she was called at the trial to provide her testimony of what she had heard at the restaurant. The personal injury lawyer, despite his experience in the field, could not sway the witness. The jury was fully convinced by the woman’s story and by her testimony about what she had heard. They found for the defense within minutes. The plaintiff would have been wise to keep silent in a public venue about the case.

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