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Accidents involving semi-trucks are some of the most dangerous and deadly of all. Because we must share the road with these giants, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration carefully regulates their drivers. The federal government places important restrictions on commercial truck drivers to maintain safer roadways and to decrease dangerous accidents.

Limited Daily Driving Hours

Big rig drivers can only put 11 hours of driving in on any given day, and they must take breaks that last at least 10 hours in between each 11-hour shift. After being on duty for 14 hours – even if some of that time wasn’t spent driving – a commercial driver can’t do any more driving.

Passenger Transportation Is More Heavily Restricted

Bus drivers and other commercial drivers who transport passengers are restricted more heavily. Such drivers can log no more than 10 continual driving hours at a time and are required to take breaks of at least 8 hours in between 10-hour shifts. Although these drivers may work a total of 15 hours in a day, 5 of the 15 hours must be spent doing work that is unrelated to driving passengers.

Weekly Driving Limitations

Tractor trailer drivers also face restrictions within their weekly driving schedules. Drivers aren’t allowed to drive any more than 70 hours over 8 consecutive days, and they are required to take a minimum of 34 consecutive hours off in between these 8-day shifts.

Medical Restrictions

The federal government also mandates some medical restrictions for commercial truck drivers:

  • Drivers can’t take medical marijuana;
  • Drivers can’t take and prescription drugs without valid prescriptions;
  • Drivers can’t use any controlled substances;
  • Drivers can’t drive while on amphetamines, narcotics, or habit-forming drugs; and
  • Drivers can’t need anti-seizure drugs.

Semi drivers with certain illnesses or medical conditions may also have to satisfy regulations regarding continuing health-certification. Drivers with diabetes, for example, must be able to show that their illness is adequately controlled before being granted continued permission to drive.

Because 18-wheelers are responsible for some of the deadliest accidents, their drivers face heavy restrictions. Because you share the road with big rigs, it’s in your best interest to allow them plenty of room to maneuver and to proceed with caution.

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