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A wrongful death claim is essentially a civil lawsuit that arises when the acts of one person (their negligence) causes the death of another person.

The list of victims in wrongful death cases includes not only the deceased but his or her family as well. Loved ones usually suffer financially and emotionally following an unexpected death, it is imperative to contact a Stamford personal injury attorney to recover damages.

 Types of Damages That a Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer May Pursue

There are many kinds of damages that families and their lawyers can pursue, such as:

  • Reparations for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for financial losses

The first type of damages, reparations for pain and suffering, typically focuses on compensation owed to families for their loss of companionship. However, a Connecticut personal injury attorney can tell clients that it is somewhat difficult to translate pain and suffering into a monetary figure.

Compensation for Financial Losses

To achieve compensation for financial losses like lost income, a Connecticut personal injury lawyer must demonstrate the economic strain placed upon a deceased’s family members and prove that the defendant is responsible for reparations.

To calculate the amount due to a victim’s family, a personal injury lawyer may review many factors, such as the victim’s age and sex. Male victims can result in larger payouts than female victims because they tend to earn greater salaries.

Families can utilize financial compensation for many things, including:

  • Children’s tuition
  • Job training
  • Relocation to a new home

You Could Be Entitled to Compensation

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