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on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

When your Connecticut personal injury lawyer endeavors to settle your case directly with an adjuster, your lawyer is in control of almost all the information the adjuster receives. However, if your case goes to litigation, the defense attorney will seize every opportunity to discover weaknesses in your case.

Most experienced defense attorneys are able to unearth weaknesses in your case that either could not be discovered by the adjuster without formal disco very procedures, or have been overlooked by the adjuster. Once your suit is filed, formal discovery methods such as independent medical examinations, medical releases, interrogatories, depositions, and requests for production of documents, will be used to uncover weaknesses in your case.

Common weaknesses that may be uncovered include alcohol use before or during the accident, prior and subsequent injuries not related to the accident, a criminal record, and no injuries other than soft tissue injuries. The end result of filing suit may be that your case gets weaker rather than stronger. It is essential that you are truthful with your Connecticut personal injury lawyer if your case has significant potential weaknesses so that your lawyer can make every attempt to settle the case prior to litigation.

Weaknesses Reduce Settlement Value

The settlement value of your personal injury case will be reduced as a result of any weaknesses or shortfalls that the insurance adjuster is aware of. These weaknesses must be considered during negotiations for settlement.

The adjuster will seize any weakness or shortfall that he or she is aware of in your case to shrink the value of any potential settlement. Significant weaknesses will need to be considered by you and your Connecticut personal injury lawyer when determining the settlement value of your case. When weaknesses are significant, and adjusters are aware of them, settlement offers are often surprisingly small. If your case is burdened with several weaknesses, you should be aware of the inherent difficulty your lawyer will have attempting to settle your case.

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