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on Monday, December 24, 2012.

Obviously, the amount payable to you from the settlement will be less if you have to pay workers’ compensation liens, medical bills, or medical payments to insurance carriers. Conversely, the amount payable to you will be higher if a health insurance carrier who does not have to be reimbursed has paid your medical bills.


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Your case may be influenced, for or against, by applicable statutes, cases, ordinances or legal standards. The value of your settlement is enhanced if your Connecticut injury lawyer can cite strong supporting law in your favor.

Time from incident to trial

The jury may be hearing about things that happened 6 to 10 years before trial if your case is already 2 to 3 years old, and 3 to 4 years go by before it goes to trial in your jurisdiction. It is often difficult for jurors to empathize with a plaintiff’s pain that occurred so long ago, especially in small personal injury cases involving soft tissue injuries.

Final settlement amount

All the above factors, plus some more particular to your case, will have a bearing on the final settlement figure. Your Connecticut injury lawyer will compare your case to a poker or bridge hand. Do you have any aces? Are you holding more than one pair? Does the insurance company have any trump cards? Having all factors line up in your favor seldom happens. The ultimate value of the settlement can be significantly impacted by just one factor.

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