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on Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

Your Connecticut personal injury lawyers will achieve the best result if you are a positive, understanding client willing to cooperate.

How attorneys identify bad clients

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Before making a full commitment to your personal injury case, Connecticut personal injury lawyers will look for traits of their potential clients to determine if they are individuals they can represent without drama or conflict. Simply put, accident attorneys prefer to represent clients they like and avoid those they don’t.

Difficult clients tend to display hints of problem early in their collaboration with their lawyers. The following are just some of such clues and hints the Connecticut personal injury lawyers will look for to find out if their client is undesirable.

Clients who are always pessimistic

Difficult clients see nothing positive about their lives. If they only sustained minor injuries in an accident, they will not say “At least the injuries aren’t serious.” If they were hurt and their children escaped harm, they will not say, “At least the children were spared.” If someone expresses relief over the children’s safety, they would say something like, “But I was hurt!” Clients so thoroughly unhappy with their lives are unlikely to be content with an attorney or the outcome of their case.

Clients with a sense of “entitlement”

These clients are also perennially dissatisfied and are sure to be bad witnesses.

Jurors, claims adjusters, and judges alike prefer to reward likeable people who are positive and optimistic about their life. Attorneys enjoy representing positive clients who will enthusiastically refer other clients to the law firm.But people with an inflated sense of entitlement will never be impressed by their attorney or anything else. They feel they deserve extra attention, money, results, and satisfaction without ever being grateful about it.

At trial, the neutral, either or both the judge and the jury, will balk at rewarding clients exhibiting such behavior. In personal injury cases, the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease. Claims adjusters, jurors, and judges will see right through such people for who they are.

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