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on Thursday, June 14, 2012.

Individuals who are seeking compensation for personal injuries they’ve sustained need to be aware of some of the common factors that can push their cases directly over to an insurer’s Special Investigation Unit for fraud investigation. The following information is provided to give claimants a clear idea of some of the red flags that any Connecticut injury attorney can tell you will surely have your file flagged for possible fraud.

Suspicious identification

If a claimant can’t come up with accurate identification (or he or she refuses to provide such identification), this will likely raise a red flag in the adjuster’s mind that will probably lead to a fraud investigation.

A lack of a fixed address

Another cause for suspicion will be if a claimant uses a friend’s or a family member’s address and he or she moves constantly and has no known permanent address.

Claimant prefers hand-delivering documents instead of using a postal service

Although a Connecticut injury attorney might tell you that there are some legitimate reasons for hand-delivering certain documents in certain cases, doing so might indicate to an insurance adjuster that the claimant is knowledgeable about mail fraud and accordingly, he or she is making a conscious effort to steer clear of using a mail service for that reason.

The attitude of the claimant

In cases where a claimant is seen as being pushy by demanding a fast settlement, a firm commitment, or a decision right away, this might be suspect to certain claims adjusters.

Financial hardship

If the claimant is going through economic hard times and/or other issues at home before the claim has been submitted, some adjusters might view this as being an even greater motivation for the claimant to either make up a claim or embellish an injury.

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