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on Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Stamford dog bite attorneys will not accept your case if they feel that you might be a difficult client. It will be important for you to trust your attorney and pledge full cooperation.

Clients with a sense of entitlement

Listed below are various signs of entitlement exhibited by difficult clients.

  • Life after the accident is measured in terms of money instead of contentment and relief from pain.
  • They cannot be blamed for anything, and they are not even remotely responsible for any ill that may fall on them.
  • They direct their rage at everyone except themselves.
  • They will repeatedly question their Stamford dog bite attorney’s integrity and skill during the course of a case regardless of the attorney’s actual performance.
  • They cannot trust any professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, therapist, or anyone who is providing service to them.

Clients who obsessively read everything they receive and desire control over the litigation

Although it is routine practice for attorneys to send their clients copies of most correspondence, most clients don’t bother to read them all. The few exceptions tend to be difficult clients who are overcritical of their attorneys and do not trust them to control the case.

Clients who like to yell or raise their voice at their attorneys

Attorneys will actively avoid working with anyone who raises their voice at them, who are among the most undesirable clients of all. If you are verbally abusive to your Stamford dog bite attorney even once, he or she may warn you that they will drop your case if you raise your voice a second time.

Clients who call all the time

Attorneys have experience representing clients who are nervous and will ask them many questions. However, some clients will badger the attorney by asking the same questions over and over again. Many attorneys will decline to work with such clients, who are usually difficult to please and will be constantly dissatisfied with attorney performance.

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