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Your personal injury case settlement may have factors that you may not have considered. A Stamford personal injury advises on these factors.

One aspect that affects the value of your settlement is the loss of consortium. This varies from case to case. Sometimes the loss of consortium has little or no value, but if your spouse’s life was highly negatively affected by your injuries and you have evidence of this, then the value for loss of consortium may be high. The following can be considered:

  • Extra services that your spouse needs to perform such as child care, and household duties.
  • If your spouse had to attend to you because of your injuries.
  • How your marital relationship was affected by your injuries. Did you become angry or moody, affecting your family? Did you and your wife have to sleep separately for a while?
  • The affect of your injuries on your leisure activity, especially if they are work related. For example, playing golf as a networking or other business opportunity.

A Stamford personal injury attorney knows that another factor affecting your case value is the insurance company itself. Some are more conservative (or cheap) than others. Some are more fair. They are in the business of processing these claims, and know when it is in their best interest to defend a case, and when to settle. If your carrier is conservative, this must be taken into consideration when you evaluate your offer.

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