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Connecticut personal injury lawyer - Cash & CalculatorA Connecticut personal injury lawyer can tell you of a time when calculating the likely settlement figure for your personal injury case was relatively easy. Typically, insurance adjusters would just add up the medical bills and multiply the total by three and then add the claimant’s loss of earnings. This was usually deemed an appropriate settlement offer by insurance companies, and your Connecticut personal injury attorney would know where negotiations would begin for soft-tissue injury cases. This method was rough and not foolproof, but it was generally a reliable start.

Times Change for Your Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer

Since then, however, insurers have adopted computer programs, such as Colossus, to help them evaluate cases. The old “multiply by three” method has been discredited; instead, insurers claim that they evaluate each claim uniquely without a set formula. Of course, this is false.

The programs used by insurers, as your Connecticut personal injury lawyer will tell you, tend to reduce the value of the claimed medical expenses. A case with medical expenses of $3,300 might only be offered $2,000 by these programs, since the programs have their own idea of what medical expenses ought to have been, rather than using what the true cost. Insurers tend to shave a third off the total expenses with this approach.

Calculating the Settlement Offer to Make to Your Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer

Additionally, your Connecticut personal injury attorney knows that when the insurance company is deciding on a settlement offer to make, they often use a multiplier of two based on what the software says, so if their program says your expenses should have been $2,000, the initial offer will likely be $4,000 – barely more than the actual medical expenses you claimed.

This reduction makes settling cases difficult for a Connecticut personal injury lawyer. With an offer of only $4,000, the Connecticut personal injury attorney is expected to secure large lien reductions from the medical providers, which might not be feasible. After attorney fees and costs, the amount left over for the victim might be paltry. This means that many cases that should settle instead go to litigation because the insurer could not come up with a reasonable offer.

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