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An Injury Attorney in Stamford Going to CourtroomMany cases that go to trial consist of a specific format. But don’t count on television court dramas to provide you an accurate picture of how trials actually occur. An injury attorney in Stamford can provide you an accurate depiction of the trial process.

Jury Selection

A trial begins with a judge calling counsel, clients and potential jurors into the courtroom. Then it is time for jury selection, referred to as voir dire. Some judges allow attorneys to ask jurors questions before selecting them; this helps them determine whether anyone in the jury pool has any biases. In other situations the judge asks the questions. Jury selection occurs in a lottery fashion; lawyers can exclude particular jurors for various reasons.

Opening Statements and Other Steps in a Trial

After jurors are chosen, lawyers make opening statements. The statements, which last less than 30 minutes, provide jurors with brief summaries of the case before them. An injury lawyer in Stamford can explain that attorneys will then begin presenting their cases by interviewing witnesses on the witness stand.

Your doctor, employer, family, friend and other witnesses may testify about your injuries and the circumstances that caused the injury. Lawyers for the defendant also will get a chance to question witnesses. After cross-examination by the defendant’s attorney, your attorney may conduct a redirect examination-ask witnesses additional questions

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