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Here are some tips from a Stamford Personal Injury Attorney to help you prepare to testify in your personal injury case.

Avoid Vague Language

Try to avoid saying things like “I think,” “I guess,” “I may have” or “I assume.” These imply that you are not sure about your response and there is room for doubt about what you say.

Do Not Guess
If you don’t know the answer to a question, just reply “I don’t know.” Do not try to volunteer a guess, even if you feel you should know the answer or it would hurt your case to admit you don’t know. Giving a guess, even if you feel is logical, can easily come back to hurt you later if evidence contradicts it. It is better to be honest and cautious in your answer, even if you are afraid of appearing evasive or ignorant. That is better than making up an answer that can be refuted.

It is OK to Estimate
This is not the same as guessing. If you think you have enough information to make a reasonable approximation about an answer, it is OK to do so, provided you make explicitly clear in your testimony that you are only giving an estimate or approximation. Do not act like you are more certain about your answer than you really are.

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