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Stamford personal injury law firmAny personal injury plaintiff should try to keep in mind how damages work. Many claimants get large dollar signs in their eyes and assume they will be able to receive an enormous settlement to pay for their injuries and then some. A Stamford personal injury law firm will advise you to be realistic about your settlement and explain how damages are calculated in personal injury cases.

Generally, damages can be classified as economic and non-economic damages. Although the non-economic damages are typically larger, it is easier and better to begin by calculating the economic damages as a baseline for your case.

Economic Damages

This refers to any damages you have sustained economically. Any earnings you have lost due to taking time off work or any future earnings you have lost will be counted as economic damages; those are usually the largest contributors to economic damages. You may also be able to include any damage that occurred to your property.

You will also factor in negative costs such as past and future medical expenses and rehabilitation for your injuries. If you have to pay for any special accommodations or modifications because of your injuries, such as getting special equipment installed in your home, that will be included here as well.

Non-Economic Damages

These are often more difficult to quantify and place a value on. It includes items such as mental suffering and anguish, physical disfigurement and loss of quality of life.

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